The Division's big April update added a heap of features this week, but also unwittingly subtracted many players' characters.

The 1.1 patch has been documented by numerous players as deleting their characters, either on first post-patch login or later.

Ubisoft initially tweeted that the issue would "require further investigation and [would] not be resolved with the upcoming hotfix," but has since clarified its plan of attack.

Its official statement says that the Division team "has identified and fixed the source of this issue to ensure that [players'] characters could be correctly restored."

"The issue was caused by a malfunctioning server that couldn’t synchronize character data correctly and corrupted them instead. The game client was unable to read this corrupted data, and simply assumed that the character didn’t exist."

For players only updating the game now, the issue has been patched; however, players affected by the glitch will have to wait for a future fix, "available shortly," that will require server downtime.

Deleted characters will be reverted back to their state as of their last uncorrupted backup, at April 12th at 10am UTC.

The Division 1.1 update, adding a raid, gear trading, daily assignments and more, is available now for free, and allegedly won't delete your character anymore.