All Xbox One consoles will soon be able to be switched over to Dev Kit mode free of charge, Microsoft has announced.

Used in tandem with a Windows 10 PC, Dev Mode allows users to create Universal Windows Program (UWP) games and apps for the console – something usually only possible on specific dev kit hardware.

A preview of Xbox Dev Mode is available now, but only allows the use of 448 MB of the Xbox One's 8GB of RAM, and according to Microsoft, might have unresolved issues.

A full release is coming this winter, and will bump the available RAM up to 1GB.

As Dev Mode requires a factory reset, those opting in will lose all their downloaded games, apps, and content. They might also run into issues running retail games in the mode.

A Dev Center account is required for full functionality, and that costs US$19.

All Xbox Ones will soon be dev kits

There won’t be self-publishing mechanism for games: developers will still need to submit through the [email protected] system (which usually takes about a fortnight), after which they will need to sign a royalties contract.

If a game is turned down by MS, it can still be released on the Windows Store.

Non-game apps don’t require approval, so expect to see a few new ones pop up in the near future.

"Now the Xbox isn't just for playing, but also for creating awesome content," said [email protected] director Chris Charla.

"We're excited to open the Xbox One to everyone so anyone can get started developing."

Dev Mode was first promised by Microsoft almost three years ago.