The sequel to Respawn's online shooter Titanfall will include a single-player campaign, says the game's community manager Jesse Stern.

Speaking with Forbes, Stern also outlined the studio's intention to produce a television series alongside the new game, in association with The Hunger Games studio Lionsgate.

Stern said that although Respawn lacked the resources to create a campaign for the first game, its sequel will include one that will explain "here's who you are, here's where you are, and who's around you."

The first Titanfall launched as a multiplayer-only title, which sparked criticism from some reviewers.

"We are doing our best to deliver a vision of grand global colonial warfare retelling the story of the American Revolution and the American Civil War in space," he explained.

“What inspires us is the junction of technological advancement with the inevitability of conflict and war and what the next war might look like. In Titanfall 2 there will be a lot of [scenes] where science meets magic, but keeping it grounded and dirty and human and real.”

Stern said that a TV series based on the fledgling franchise "would be very expensive," but that he and Respawn CEO Vince Zampella are trying to work out a way to do it.

Titanfall 2, or whatever it ends up being titled, will launch sometime "sometime late this year or early next," and will be "widely available, I believe on all platforms."