Destiny’s next expansion is called The Taken King and it’s out September 15, according to marketing materials sent to Kotaku.

Kotaku got its hands on a marketing sheet for expansion, which it has corroborated with other sources.

The Taken King will add a new subclass and elemental super ability to each of Destiny’s three classes: Warlocks get an electrical storm called arc, Hunters get a gravity bow called void, and Titans get a flaming hammer called solar.

It will contain new strikes and PvP maps, and also a raid pitting players against Oryx, the father of Crota and leader of an army of enemies called the Taken.

Apparently The Taken King will retail for US$40.

The name “The Taken King” was accidentally leaked by Red Bull on its marketing materials last month.

We'll find out exactly what's happening with Destiny at E3 next week.