Destiny patch 1.1.1 will include a new faction reputation user interface.

Previously, players had to travel to the individual representatives of each faction to check their reputation. The new system will allow them to check their reputation from anywhere.

“We’re working on a lot of new features. This one is being included in 1.1.1 because it had a very low impact on our Test team,” said interface design lead David Candland in the Bungie Weekly Update.

“We’ve known we’ve wanted this feature since we donned our first piece of faction class gear, and the community has too. It was a no-brainer.

“Since reputation really affects your buying power, it made sense to put it in close proximity to your currencies. The inventory screen real estate is pretty full, so using the fly-out convention we established in the settings screen was a way to recoup some space, yet still allow tooltips for another layer of detail.”