Bungie has released a patch that tweaks the way Destiny’s exotic weapons perform and are upgraded.

As of update Version 1.1, exotic weapons and armour no longer require Ascendant Energy or Shards to upgrade. Instead, the final upgrade step for all exotic items will now require a new material type, the Exotic Shard.

Exotic Shards can be obtained by dismantling an existing exotic weapon, or by purchasing one from Xur for seven Strange Coins.

The patch also raises the base attack level for all exotic weapons and buffs others, following complaints from players that some exotics felt underwhelming.

The Thorn hand cannon, the Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle, and the PlayStation-exclusive Monte Carlo auto rifle are among the exotics that have been souped-up.

"Exotics will be a constant work-in-progress," said Bungie.

Elsewhere, natural materials – Spinmetal from Earth, Helium Filaments from the Moon, Spirit Blooms from Venus, and Relic Iron from Mars – can now be purchased with Vanguard and Crucible marks rather than farmed.

An exploit that was possible during the Atheon boss battle at the end of the Vault of Glass has also been fixed.

Update Version 1.1 weighs in at 75MB, and there is also an Xbox One update available which fixes an issue wherein party chat affected the game’s frame rate.

You can se the full list of changes here.

The game's first expansion, The Dark Below, launches on December 10.

In related news, Bungie COO Pete Parsons has told Games Industry that Destiny is a tough title to review.

“It is true there are a lot of those people who were sceptical that are still playing it now,” Parsons said.

“As we see games like Destiny coming out, it’s very difficult to sit down for nine hours, 11 hours, and write up a review of a game like Destiny, right?

“If I were a reviewer it seems like a nearly impossible challenge to do because there’s just no way. You barely experience sort of the campaign side of it and just PvP and no way you can get into all of the end game activities," he added.

“So it really asks a great question which is ‘how are games like Destiny going to be reviewed in the future?’”