Respawn has shared the first screenshots and details about Zone 18, a new Titanfall map coming up in the IMC Rising downloadable content pack.

Zone 18 is an old IMC base hidden in the wilderness of the Dakota system where IMC robotics research continues in secret, despite the destruction of Hammond Robotics' corporate headquarters.

Respawn describes Zone 18 as a fast-paced environment with two main sections divided by a supply path.

"While many Pilots will seek the protection of the facility's interior passages, others will take advantage of the long sight lines provided by the limited rooftop cover."

The map was initially a prototype that the team at Respawn used to test the Last Titan Standing mode.

For more on Zone 18, and other maps coming in the IMC Rising DLC, visit Titanfall's official website.

New Titanfall DLC map 'Zone 18' revealed