Microsoft has announced a new Xbox One bundle that will include Titanfall.

The package will cost NZ$749, and will be available locally from March 14.

The news comes as the Xbox One undergoes a price cut in the UK to £399 and the announcement that all Xbox Ones sold in the country will come with Titanfall. Xbox UK Marketing Director Harvey Eagle has said that lower price isn't currently planned for other territories.

“My responsibility is only for the UK so I can only talk about our territory. This is about offering the best value to UK gamers, and as a result we’re announcing this new price point of £399. There’s no announcements in other countries planned, so it’s a UK-only adjustment and we feel this is the right thing to do in our market.”

The announcement has been met with frustration by some UK gamers and early adopters who bought their Xbox One at full price and without the much anticipated shooter only three months earlier.

"Three months after release, Microsoft’s panic price cut is an insult to its most loyal fans," writes VG247 editor Matt Martin. "And as an added kick in the jewels they get to see later adopters pick up Titanfall for free."