Infinity Ward has confirmed that Call of Duty: Ghosts will feature dedicated servers on all platforms. Previously, dedicated servers had only been confirmed for Xbox One and PC.

Dedicated servers cost more than peer-to-peer matchmaking wherein one player hosts others, but it usually results in a smoother, more equitable experience for all players.

“Dedicated servers will be used on current gen, next gen and PC with Ghosts,” executive producer Mark Rubin said.

“And, in order to make sure that people have the best possible experience regardless of platform, location or connection, Ghosts will be using a hybrid system of dedicated servers and listen servers. So no matter where you are the game will always be trying to give you the best online performance possible. There is also some great new tech in the matchmaking system that will place players in matches that have the best combined overall connectivity performance.”

“Hoping to add server browser and rent-able ranked server once we get through launch crunch. No info yet,” continued Rubin.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is coming to current gen and PC on November 5. It is also a release window title for next gen consoles.