Microsoft will invest US$1 billion into games over the next generation, the company has revealed.

Speaking with OXM, Microsoft president of interactive entertainment Don Mattrick said that people were under-estimating just how much money will be invested in Xbox One games.

“We just ran through our script and counted the number of exclusives and looked at the amount of money that we’re spending and the deals that we have, exclusive windows and [things to create differentiation]. I think, candidly, people are way, way under-indexing how hard we’re punching,” he said.

“We’re going to come out with detail on things, and people are going to go, ‘oh my god’.

"Like, ‘they were focused, they made this a core goal, core activity’. There are great hits, there’s innovation, and there are world class creators plugged in. There’s a lot of hyperbole about things, but I think we’re going to deliver.”

Last week, Mattrick told Kotaku that Microsoft would have an independent creator program, on the same day that Microsoft announced it wouldn’t allow indie developers to self-publish on Xbox One.

"We're going to sponsor it. We're going to give people tools. We're going to give more information," said Mattrick.

"That is something we think – I think – is important.

"That's how I started in the industry. There's no way we're going to build a box that doesn't support that."

Meanwhile, Microsoft Studios corporate vice-president Phil Spencer told OXM that Xbox’s strategy thus far had been to target non-gamers.

"The super core guys, they will buy everything, they will buy all devices,” he said.

“But most people really only do buy one device, and if you're going to think about what that one device is, we believe an all-in-one system that does the best games and TV and entertainment will be something that's really unique.

"And then some of the things that we're doing with the architecture about how fast those experiences are, how you can do more than one thing at a time – that's going to be something that I think will heavily differentiate us, and the other thing you've got to think about is, this is our starting point.”

Finally, Microsoft chief of staff Aaron Greenberg took to Twitter to reassure gamers that his company knew what it was doing.

“[The] mood is positive, [it’s] good to be able to start sharing what we are doing. But [there are] too many details to cover in one day. Stay tuned,” he wrote.

“[There are] a lot of assumptions [being made] but very little based on facts. We will share more at E3. We will get it right. Trust me our system is made by gamers for gamers. E3 is all about the games. Cannot wait to share with everyone!”

“We will absolutely support indie devs,” he added. "[They are] key to our future and a lot of them were part of Xbox 360 success.”

“Thanks to everyone for your comments and feedback, we are definitely listening.”