Crackdown 3 box art

Crackdown 3

XO Released 15 February 2019
Sumo Digital
Restricted 13
8.0/ 10
“Y'all got any more of them orbs?”
Crackdown 3 is a refined improvement over the previous two instalments. The single and co-op campaign modes are super fun, and the jumping and combat systems give our character a real feeling of power and invincibility which transfers well to the player. Visually appealing, fast-paced and tons of missions to complete, I would recommend this game to anyone, not just fans of third-person action games. While not revolutionary, it is still a great example of its genre.
Reviewed on XO

Monday 4 March

Crackdown 3 review
Crackdown 3 review
Grab your jumping shoes, we're about to go orb hunting!