Did the conference start late? Oh dear, looks like it did. Perhaps my sleep-in wasn't the worst thing after all. At least they aren't looping some irritating music prior to starting (that's sarcasm, folks!)

It's been 12 minutes. I'm not sure I can take much more of this music.

Wow they didn't just start late, they started more than 15 minutes late by the looks of things! Appalling, says the guy who slept in. But anyway, here we go.

Jump ahead, says text on the screen following a dramatic trailer of XO games.

Here's Bonnie Ross from 343.
Promises new and innovative IP, the best exclusives.

Starting with Halo 5: Guardians.
Nathan Fillion in Halo form!
All cinematics so far
Here we go with the gameplay.
Playing at Locke. Looks like you can command others from first-person.
In pursuit of Master Chief.
They find Chief's assault rifle.
Here's a dramatic bit where they must run or fall from crumbling platforms.
Shottie. Yes.
Commands Buck to shot a drone, and other squaddie to revive downed marine.
Using a plasmacaster, which shoots ricocheting plasma.
The Warden Eternal introduces himself. A promethean?
"Your passage is denied."
Very nice very nice.

343's Josh Holmes is on stage.
Control two squads - one led by Locke, one by Master Chief.
24 player MP.
"Massive environments."
Playable at E3.
Here's some warzone footage.
Mayhem. Looks fun.

And now a world premiere of a new XO exclusive.
A cinematic. Post-apocalypse. A female adventurer and robot dog.
Her doggie exploded - sacrificing itself to take out enemies.
Only an orb is left behind. She puts it in a nearby robot: "Welcome back buddy."
Game is called Recore.
Coming autumn next year.

Phil Spencer is on stage.
He's putting us at the centre of everything he does!
Promising diversity of games, and "the greatest line-up of games in Xbox history."
Oh my god. Backward compatibility! Amazing. That's huge.
360 games playable natively on XO.
Over 100 titles will come this holiday season.
Retail 360 discs will work.
Demos Mass Effect.
"Runs exactly as it does on 360."
Can use XO features like screenshots, DVR, broadcasting.
All that's needed is the publisher's blessing and a game can be played on XO.

Phil Spencer is back, talking about the Xbox Elite wireless controller.
It has locking triggers and also paddles (!) on the back.
Designed for XO and Windows 10.

Here's Bethesda's Todd Howard talking about Fallout 4, of course.
"Player freedom is our number one goal."
We saw all this last night.
A laser musket. Love the idea of a cracked laser weapon.
Okay this is new. Meeting survivors.
Into the power armour we go.
Minigun hoooooo
Mowing down raiders.
That dude straight-up exploded. Chunky.
A deathclaw wants a piece. Did he not see the aforementioned minigun?

And just like that, I'm up to speed.

10:00am: From here is what I saw live.

Fallout 4 mods created on PC will be able to be transferred, played, and shared on XO.

EA's Peter Moore is on stage
No-one cares about Madden in this context, dude.
Titanfall will hit EA Access. So will Dragon Age: Inquisition.
It's Planets vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Neat!

There is now car on stage. it's a Ford GT apparently.
Forza Motorsport 6, coming September 16

Here's a From Software premiere.
A gigantic skeleton sits up, his hands ablaze.
It's Dark Souls III.

Now it's The Division.
"It was a weaponized virus."
"We were activated as a last resort. We are The Division."
Man, some cheesey lines in this trailer.
No gameplay, just pre-renedered scenes.
Ubisoft's Launren Detoc is on stage.
"XO players will be the first to try The Division via an exclusive beta this December."

Rainbow Six and Rainbow Six 2 will come free with Rainbow Six: Siege.
Siege trailer. Some gameplay. On a plane that's on the tarmac.
Did that guy actually yell "BOOM" when his grenade exploded?

Here's "a Windows 10 and XO exclusive".
There's some cartoony shooter trailer playing now. Oh, it's Gigantic.
Beta August 25.

Here a a bunch of [email protected] games including Cuphead and Kiwi survival horror Phantasmal!
Steve Gaynor (Gone Home) is on stage. Talking about Tacoma.
"What has happened to the crew of lunar transfer station Tacoma?"
Odin appears to be an AI in the style of that in 2001.
First on XO and Windows 10.

Kiwi Steven Bradley from Aurora 44! Must be Ashen!!
Aw yiss, this game looks amazing.
There is a large flying whale. Not many details given.

Now here's Beyond Eyes. We only see a sliver of the game.

Now it's Cuphead.
Cuphead and Mugman did a deal with the devil, and lost.
Promises classic cartoony visuals, precision shooting. Looks great.

Xbox Game Preview
Will work like Steam Early Access.
The Long Dark and Elite Dangerous will be available later today via the program.
DayZ is coming to it later.

Oh hey, it's Dean Hall. Kiwis all up in this!
Oh man Dean is so Kayway it's awesome.
Oooh, a new game. It's called Ion.
Coming to XO game preview and PC.
Something about space, a universe.
"Coming soon"

Here's some Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay.
Lara uses a flare to see in a dark cave.
It's icy. She's out of the cave and high up in some mountains.
"We're close to something Jonah."
Jonah is her bearded companion.
Climbing with ice picks.
Ice is falling. Now Lara is falling but she's tied to Jonah.
Yep, that's Tomb Raider all right.

Rare Replay
A collection of Rare games.
Coming August 4, 2015.

It's Rare's 30th birthday.
Oooh, a new Rare game. A shared world adventure game.
"By far the mist ambitious game Rare has ever created."
Real-time gameplay, apparently.
In a jungle. First-person?
Here are some other humans, assuming we are a human.
And a pirate ship. We are now sailing.
Naval combat.
It's called Sea of Thieves.

Here's an XO and Windows 10 exclusive.
Oh, it's Fable Legends.
That was not an exciting trailer.

XO announces a partnership with Valve VR.
Kinda completely glossed over what that meant.
Talk about partnership with Oculus. We know this stuff.

Here's Hololens.
"The era of mixed realty."
What would MS be without a dumb gimmick like Kinect or Hololens?
Minecraft is coming to Hololens.
I'm not certain what I'm looking at.
There is a hologram of a Minecraft world on a table. Dude on stage can see it through goggles and we see it through a special camera.
This looks interesting, but it's not great showcase presentation material.

The Coalition is on stage.
Yep, we know about Gears of War Remastered
Gears 4 footage. That's more like it.
Oh god my Internet just died.

Phil Spencer is back on stage.
"If you've been waiting to move from your Xbox 360, now is the time."
And that's the end.