Now this is more like it. Mass Effect 2 finally stops with the squad-mate loyalty missions and gives us one of the best, most varied missions to ever grace the Mass Effect series.

Overlord is the story of a human-AI hybrid that goes rogue and kills everyone in a research station. It's your job to clean up the mess and stop this AI from getting off the planet and into the universal Internet.

It's a stage that allows for one of the more atmospheric environments we've yet seen, dead bodies litter the laboratory and a disturbing digital face composed of holographic code watches you. The icing on the cake is Overlord's superior and emotionally charged ending. We can only hope that the plot threads brought up here may resurface again in later additions to the Mass Effect universe.

There's about two hours of gameplay included in this downloadable content. That time is composed of some routine tasks: Overlord includes the same enjoyable combat, a few conversations, interruption sequences and decision making that may or may not have an impact on the future of the series. Happily, BioWare has also included some new toys. The Hammerhead - a vehicle added some time ago - returns and delivers some much needed variety. It shows off the beautiful planet you're on and pays some small homage to Mario by adding a few platforming segments. There's a light sprinkling of puzzles which aren't exactly going to stress your faculties unduly but are a welcome addition, nonetheless.

Most importantly, Overlord isn't another loyalty mission - to say we were running out of patience with them is an understatement. It presses all the right buttons to create a fun, varied and emotional side mission.


Mass Effect 2: Overlord is available on the Xbox 360 for 560 MS Points, and on the PC for 560 BioWare Points.