BioWare's galaxy-sprawling adventure Mass Effect 2 is easily one of the year's early competitors for Game Of The Year, so it's natural that people are going to wonder how good its first pay-for downloadable content will be. Short answer: While nothing special, it adds a new and fun, if brief, loyalty mission to the experience.

The DLC introduces you to a new crew member, Kasumi - one of the galaxy's most notorious thieves - and just like the other crew members, she has a loyalty mission that you'll need to complete. It's an enjoyable mission that will take you perhaps an hour to complete. You'll need to steal something of great value from a wealthy criminal as he is throwing a fancy party.

Instead of going around guns blazing (which you will get to in the latter half of the mission) you start off as a party guest. It seems to me that BioWare have failed to fully realise the "Agent 007" vibe they're clearly aiming for. Nonetheless, the attempt is welcome.

In part, the issue is that BioWare has focused on an "A to B before C" mission design instead of really playing with the "suave spy" premise and the correct corresponding non-linear gameplay.

The setting is great and you'll see right away that the artists had fun making it special. It's another reminder of just how gorgeous Mass Effect 2 can be. The lighting and backdrop from the balcony of the party is especially wonderful and all has that sci-fi charm the series does so well.

Unfortunately the new character, much like the other DLC character Zhaeed, seems cool in concept but she's not fleshed out enough. A lot of this is due to the lack of conversation. Just like Zhaeed, you only really get to know them in their loyalty mission and once aboard the Normandy you cannot have an interactive conversation with them. Instead, you can listen to them repeating the same few lines to you, none of which elaborate on their character.

Another problem is that all the other crew members had a recruitment mission and a loyalty mission. A loyalty mission alone is simply not enough to sell the characters to us.

Also, while Kasumi has a few cool abilities, she's not particularly useful when it comes to a fight. BioWare needs to do a better job of developing these characters early and give us the opportunity to communicate with them more beyond their loyalty and recruitment missions. The villain is similarly paper-thin.

It is, however, another chance to indulge in Mass Effect 2's universe - and although it's not necessarily the best loyalty mission it certainly stands shoulder to shoulder with most of the rest. It's fun, if fairly basic and at only an hour long, occasionally feels like something BioWare originally planned for the game but did not include in the final product.

You can appreciate what BioWare are trying to do, but personally I am tired of collecting new crew members. I have a fine and full crew; so for myself, right now I would rather have more missions that develop the main story further or give me new ways to interact with the current crew members.