Assassins Creed II truly is a great game.

It's fun to play, and its stunning vistas are breathtaking. So when DLC comes along and gives us the opportunity to delve back into Ezio’s world, it’s hard to say no. This is where the two new DLC packs for Asssassin’s Creed II come in, and today we're taking a look at the first, entitled Battle of Forli.

The Battle of Forli as the name describes takes place near Forli, and area which you would already know loosely from the primary game. The developers give you a further six missions to complete, which should take you about an hour. While this isn’t long, the price tag isn’t high either coming in at a measly 320 marketplace points. The game allows you to investigate some new memories and DNA sequences, one in particular which players should love.

While we certainly don’t want to reveal anything too specific about the story, it's an exciting damsel-in-distress saga that will have the blood of any red blooded male pumping. The floods of Templars you fight certainly should help make the decision, and its simply great to have a reason to be leaping from roof to roof in Ezio’s element.

What seems slightly unfortunate for the DLC is that it doesn’t have near the level of polish that the main-campaign had. Perhaps if the two content packs had been bundled together, rather than separated (as is the intent for the PC release later this year) then this may feel less the case, however certainly even some of the cut-scenes are not as smooth as we are used to from the primary story.

Keep in mind too that in Battle of Forli there are no new gameplay elements. Don’t expect a new revolutionary sword, because there aren’t any, at least not this time around. The DLC seems to end on a high, which is frustrating as it leaves us wanting more, and that’s an itch that will have to wait until the second DLC to get scratched.

The memory that really struck a nerve for us was the one allowing you to get back into the hot-seat of Da Vinci’s flying machine. After using it in Assassins Creed II we simply had to have more of it, and the developers have clearly been listening. Now you can explore Forli from the air as you please.

Overall its a solid piece of DLC for the price point, but it does nothing ground breaking, or innovative. Think of it simply as a story addition to flesh out the original plot and add some new facets to it. Overall, definitely recommended if you loved Assassins Creed II, but give it a miss if the original game didn't manage to hold your attention.