Dark Void is a 75% an average game, 20% a bad game and 5% fat free. For me, I always know a game has some issues when I don't care about finishing it, but force myself to do so for the sake of the review. This happened to me here about four hours in, and while I cannot say I hated the rest of the journey, I simply wasn't interested.

It has a few cool mechanics that attempt to switch things up, but in the end it's one of those games that had nothing hugely wrong with it, but nothing special either. Dull might be a good word, which is ironic considering the level of excitement it is trying to create.

You play a pilot named Will (who used to be called Drake in Uncharted 2 a few months ago - same voice actor and pretty much the same character) who gets lost in the Bermuda Triangle (known here as "The Void") and ends up having to fight off an alien race known as The Watchers who want to find a way back to the real world to take it over. The story never really gains much ground or gets you hooked.

This might be due to the poorly written dialogue. While the lines are delivered well most of the time, they are not very good lines in the first place. The game also suffers from a few sound glitches, which does not help matters.

So how does it play exactly you are wondering? Well liked I said before, the word dull comes to mind. There is the typical cover system found in most games these days. What is interesting, however, is vertical cover. This is when you are traveling up or down a canyon; building or what have you and fight enemies who are either above or below you. This is all made possible thanks to your rocket pack.

You receive this fairly early in the game (although based on how boring the early segments are, it is still not soon enough) and it allows you to hover around, fly through areas and do a lot of other cool stuff both in and out of combat. Fighting works pretty much the same way as the usual cover based systems in other games but the flying option does make for some cool level design and set pieces. The game has a few set pieces that are nice in concept but due to poor controls and fairly bland graphics, never reach the heights they were trying for.

So about those poor controls I mentioned, they crop up a lot during the flight sequences. The camera will fly around with you and make tracking your (tiny) enemies very difficult. This makes what looks very cool actually frustrating and not a lot of fun to do.

There will be moments where things will click and all will be well with Dark Void but as I said, it will mostly be annoying. The game does give the option to highjack UFO's (and who hasn't wanted to do that once in their lives right?), which does not change much, except to give you a bit more firepower. It also looks impressive, thanks to some of the good animations in the game. There are definitely some cool moves when you melee the enemies (even if doing so can make the game a little too easy at times) and fight some of the bigger enemies.

The sad truth is, there is not a lot to talk about with Dark Void. Besides flying around (which unfortunately is not as exciting or fun as one might hope) it is a pretty standard and dull third-person shooter. It doesn't do anything wrong, it just does not do anything special either. Once you are done with it, you will forget about it. And because this is a single-player only game, without much reason for a second play through, it really hurts in the "value for money" department.

Renting this game is the only suggesting I could make; or don't play it at all, which would be my other suggestion.