To tell the truth, I was apprehensive when asked to do the Devil May Cry 4 review. This was the first Devil May Cry title that I had played, and my dexterity is simply not suited to button combos. Simply put, I have yet to progress into hard on Guitar Hero. So imagine my surprise when I actually became hooked on Devil May Cry 4...

Devil May Cry 4 is the fourth iteration in the much acclaimed Devil May Cry series that has long been solely available on Sony consoles, with a single PC release. Capcom have at long last decided to share the love, and we are grateful for it. The first Devil May Cry 4 arrived last week for the Xbox 360 and so far it is more of a blessing than anything else.

The scene is set when the character you play for most of the game, Nero, is late for a meeting of the Order of the Sword. A group founded to protect mankind and exterminate demons. You are introduced to Nero’s beautiful girlfriend and some other members of the Order, who thanks to Capcom’s painstaking work look just incredible. Moments after though Dante from the previous Devil May Cry titles bursts in and assassinates the leader of the Order. Your first encounter pits Nero Vs. Dante and you are introduced to the controls as you embark on your demon hunting crusade.

To those crying out blasphemy for the loss of Dante as the main character, fear not, he does make a return later during the winding and gripping story that takes several unexpected turns and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Nero is not just some punk kid moved in as a placeholder for Dante. He has some very unique moves and they contrast strongly to those of Dante whom you then also experience later in the game.

One of the greatest things about Nero is his devil bringer. This acts almost like a whip in that you can use it to pull yourself toward enemies, pull enemies toward you, or simply throw them around. It spices up the action and means Nero spends much of his time flying through the air unleashing his attacks. His moves have been well thought through and they all execute well. The combination of sword and gunplay for those unfamiliar with Devil May Cry is just fantastic and makes the combat fast paced and exciting. The 60 FPS action really helps to display all the combos in totality, with a smoothness rarely seen.

Great is also the ability to upgrade and unlock new moves for both characters. The higher the difficulty and the better your rank on each level, the more points you receive and are able to spend. You can also buy an assortment of potions using the crystalised demon blood that you collect around the levels. This is the games currency so to speak, and demon blood indeed has some of the strangest places to hide meaning you will end up attempting to wreck anything that isn’t bolted down on the level. Just think of all the places you wouldn’t ever hide your crystalised demon blood, and you shall find it.

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