A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try out Too Human for Xbox 360. I've been following Too Human for a long time and had come to the conclusion that the concept had the potential to be a great game.

Or a mediocre game.

It would all come down to how it felt when you were actually sitting on the couch playing it. Now, I obviously can't speak for you, but so far I'm convinced.

Too Human is a third-person action role-playing-game set in the ancient past. It turns out the gods of Norse mythology actually existed; they were cybernetically enhanced humans. You play as one of these cyber-gods - Baldur, son of Odin, and your duty is to protect the human race from eradication by a vast army of advanced machines.

The controls are fairly unique and take a bit of getting used to but once you are comfortable with them they are very simple. Based on the somewhat addictive nature of the game, the controls make complete sense because you could easily play this game for hours on end without getting a sore shoulder or any other physical discomfort (a feature few addictive RPGs can claim – oh but the sore shoulder World of Warcraft caused me so many years ago).

Basically the control scheme is: point the right analogue stick towards something and you'll beat the crap out of it; use the triggers to shoot stuff from afar.

While at first glance the gameplay seems very basic (and in some ways it is) there is some depth to it. This game could actually cater to a lot of different types of players. For RPG players there is a very deep loot system, and the combat could be simple if you have truly great gear. For more action-orientated players there is depth to the combat system, and even without the best loot you could still kick some butt and it would feel fairly satisfying.

If Blizzard had been developing Too Human and called it Diablo 3, it would be completely believable that this is the direction that series would take. The loot system is extremely similar, each class has a different skill tree and the combat has the same easy-to-use functionality, but it's more action packed and engaging; exactly where I imagine the next Diablo game will be going with its gameplay.

I didn't get to play for very long and at the event I couldn't hear any of the sound so I cannot speak much for the story. What I can say is that the cut-scenes looked very nice and there seem to be some more interesting and varied environments than current gameplay videos have shown so far.

There are five different classes to choose from which should add a bit of replayability to the game plus give you some options during co-op. Unfortunately I did not get to play the co-op, but from what I did play I would imagine adding a second player to the mix would only make it more fun - as co-op usually does. It is disappointing that they had to cut it down from four players to two, but for me the biggest downer is that it's over Xbox Live only, no shared screen co-op. Based on the way the camera works in the game I do not understand how they couldn't have made this work.

I have a lot of faith in this game's developer, Silicon Knights. They are known for very clever and deep storylines in their games (something that's important to me, especially in an RPG). There is also usually a lot more depth to their games that you can only appreciate once playing through the final product, as they like to keep a few things as a surprise. The premise of the story (a blend of Norse mythology and sci-fi) is very cool and interesting. The art direction seems somewhat similar to Mass Effect but with a more barbaric edge to it.

Silicon Knights has said for a while now that a demo will be released before the final game. Due to the uncertainty a lot of people seem to have regarding this game and the fairly poor marketing Microsoft has done so far, a demo cannot come soon enough.

I think the more people who get this game in their hands the better, as you may be surprised at just how fun and addictive it actually is.