The Battlefield games have been around for quite a while now and if Bad Company is anything to go by, they'll be around quite a while longer.

This being the first made-for-consoles Battlefield game by developer DICE, they are pulling out all the stops. This starts with building an all new engine for the game called the Frostbite Engine. While not the best looking on the market, Bad Company (still in beta form mind you) is a great looking game.

The big feature, however, of the Frostbite Engine is destructibility. Simply put, you can blow stuff up! Pretty much everything in the game will go down to a good shot from your grenade launcher, rocket, tank etc.

Got a pesky enemy hiding in that building and need to go through the door and up the stairs to find him? Nonsense! Just blow a hole through the wall and stuff him full of lead. It is a lot of fun when a sniper is hiding behind a window and you just blow up the whole wall, window included.

The engine does a fairly convincing job at making out there's an accurate physics engine destroying everything, but if you look closely you can see that's not really the case. The buildings/walls have cut out points that break off when destroyed; this is made more obvious when you shoot at a wall and it breaks off a bit to the side of where your grenade hit.

Now while this is all cool and fun, besides removing cover from your enemies, in truth this doesn't really add too much more to multiplayer. Sure, it opens up more routes you can take, but considering how frantic multiplayer can get you don't really have the time to contemplate it all.

So it's a neat gimmick, but doesn't feel as innovative as I'm sure the developers were hoping it would be. I would imagine this will have much deeper strategic implications in the single-player portion of the game because there you can take the time to think it through a bit more.

You see, in single-player games, the player generally tries to not die for quite some time. With multiplayer, however, well sure players still try not to die but are far less successful. You will die and you will die often; most of the time not even knowing who or where your killer is.

Usually every five to ten minutes you will have to die and respawn. When respawning – which currently feels like it takes a little bit too long – you may choose what loadout you want to use and where to respawn.

There are some straight up assault loadouts, a sniper and support crew such as medic or engineer. In the beta these still need a bit more balancing but I doubt it's anything to be concerned about. After all, this is DICE developing the game and balancing loudouts and classes is kind of their thing.

As for where you return from the grave, you have two options, either respawning back at base or right behind a random squad mate. This allows you to take the safe route of being in base or take a bit of a riskier choice and start right where the action might be.

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