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Briggs: So this vent - that's a scripted event to show the players about the vents.

GP: Isaac rounds a corner and you see one of the creatures scuttle along the floor and disappear down a vent shaft.

Briggs: Isaac can get in a room, lock the door and think he's safe, and if an enemy sees a way in via. their AI, they'll path into the room. So again much like the real-time inventory, you think you're in a locked room, you think you're safe, unfortunately you are not.

So you've seen dismemberment work, the other big thing that we're working on is zero gravity. This is gameplay that changes the way the player has to interact with the environment, and fight enemies. Isaac has magnetic boots on that help him step around.

GP: Isaac floats around a large chamber, jumping from wall to wall and securing himself by way of his magnetic boots. Meanwhile, various corpses float in mid air, along with debris from the broken ship.

Briggs: So I've got free movement here. See that guy? He was still alive. I chopped off his arm while he was still crawling.

GP: More blood. Isaac moves toward a large spinning cylinder in the middle of the floor which needs to be engaged into a machine. It's spinning at too fast a rate, so Isaac uses his stasis ability to slow it, and allow it to engage.

Briggs: So we've got the machine working, that introduces gravity to the room, but also drops out all the air. We've opened up this iris now into deep space.

GP: Isaac runs around the circumference of the iris that has opened to deep space. He must duck into the side of small cutouts in the walls to escape a huge spinning hammer-like object that is circling the iris in the opposite direction. Eventually the inevitable occurs; Isaac mistimes a movement and the object hits him, he explodes in a shower of blood and gore.

Briggs: I could have avoided that, but I wanted you to see how it looked, and that Isaac can get dismembered too!

GP: For the final demonstration, we see Isaac grappled by a huge tentacle and dragged along the ground. He fires wildly at it to try to free himself, however cannot, and is munched into a hole in the wall and ripped in half.

Dead Space is due for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October 31st 2008 - we'll keep you informed if we hear any more news, and don't forget to check out the new screenshots below!