First announced at the end of 2006, Battlefield: Bad Company is the first Battlefield game to be designed specifically for consoles. Whereas previous titles have been largely about multiplayer, Bad Company will have a real single-player campaign, putting the player into a squad of renegade soldiers behind enemy lines "who risk it all on a personal quest for gold and revenge."

One of the major new features touted in Bad Company is destructible environments. Most of the buildings and other objects in the world will be able to be destroyed--to a point. A tank has the firepower to blow away most of a building, for example, but there will still be a frame remaining. A player inside the building would be forced to find new cover as the walls are demolished around them.

The destructibility can be used to the player's advantage. Need a good sniping position? Blow out part of a wall and create a comfy cranny for crouching in. A house in your tank's way? Drive over it.

"The heart of DICE’s multiplayer games is the frenetic, unpredictable nature of the sandbox experience, where anything could happen at any moment," said Karl Magnus Troedsson, senior producer at DICE, "and that’s what we’re bringing to the core of Battlefield: Bad Company’s single-player campaign.

"In a world that’s 90 percent destructible, the gameplay possibilities are infinite – the battlefield is always changing, forcing players, teammates, and enemies to react accordingly. Gamers will have total freedom to adapt to and tackle challenges in creative Battlefield-style ways."

As well as a deep single-player campaign, the game will still retain Battlefield's trademark multiplayer gameplay. It will support up to 24 players. Most of the same modes from previous Battlefield games will be present, plus a new mode called "Gold Rush". In the new mode, one team has to defend two crates filled with gold, while the other team must attack and destroy the crates. Upon destroying one pair of crates, a new sector of the map will open up, new crates will appear and the attacking team's ticket count will increase.

The number of soldier classes has been reduced to six: Assault, Spec Ops, Engineer, Sniper, Medic and Support. The available vehicles and weapons has not yet been confirmed, but you can expect to see the usual range of modern U.S. and Russian gear.

Bad Company is due for release in June on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.