Microsoft and Turn 10 have used the Xbox Spring Showcase to reveal new Forza-related information to media representatives.

Forza lead Dan Greenawalt announced Forza Horizon, a spin-off of the Forza series by Playground Games due for release in spring 2012.

Playground Games is a new UK-based development team featuring staff previously involved with the DiRT racing series. The addition of a new team will allow the Forza franchise to continue to produce more content with a shorter development cycle.

“Our goal is to turn gamers into car lovers, and car lovers into gamers,” Greenawalt said. No further details regarding Forza Horizon have been released.

In addition, an early reveal of this month's Pirelli car pack featured a V12 Zagato Aston Martin, a Ferrari Can-Am racing car and a 1966 Ford Country Squire wood-panelled station wagon.

Soon after the pack's release, Turn 10 intends to release a further patch with a variety of multiplayer fixes and additions. With this patch, they will also lift the level cap from 150 to 999, a move which Greenawalt freely admitted to being contentious, but due to players maxing out at double the speed they expected, entirely necessary.

"We checked our math and found it was true", Greenawalt said. “Players are playing more often and playing for longer sessions. This why we are stoking the community.”

Also announced is that, after successfully wrangling the rights from license holder Electronic Arts, Porsche will return to the Forza series on 22 May. The Forza Motorsport 4 Porsche Expansion Pack will feature 20 Porsches from previous games, each of which has been entirely rebuilt due to their absence from Forza 3. In addition to this, Turn 10 will introduce 10 brand new vehicles from the legendary marque.

Porsche events will appear in players' respective tours and will be seamlessly integrated into the game.