Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski has said he’d like to “evolve” the Gears of War series away from its current, campy manifestation.

Speaking with Edge, Bleszinski said, “Camp is something that I would love to continue to evolve the franchise away from - there's no giant worm in Gears 3. Gears was always intended to be more Band Of Brothers than Predator. We got a lot more towards Predator and I'd love to drift a lot more towards Band Of Brothers.”

“The other problem of course is our GUD system, which stands for Gears Unscripted Dialogue,” he continued. “The fact that we put in these barks of the characters shouting out things as gameplay feedback - for a perfect active reload, 'shit yeah'; or you take out an enemy, 'suck it'. Those contribute to the game's dude-bro perception but they're designed to serve as gameplay feedback mechanics.”

Speaking on the failure to deliver on the emotional potential of Maria's death in Gears of War 2, Bleszinski added, “I had wanted to disable Dom's GUD system for at least the next few levels after that, so he didn't just kill his wife and now he's yelling out 'hell yeah!' as he's killing Locusts, but I believe it got unhooked before we shipped.”

In other Gears news, Microsoft has announced that Gears of War 3 sold more than 3 million copies in its first week.