Duke Nukem Forever developer Gearbox Software has created a survey to gauge gamer response to the critical flop.

The survey is open to everyone whether they played the game or not. Those who did play are asked to rate how much they enjoyed the game’s humour, graphics and gameplay. Drilling down, respondents are then asked whether they liked or disliked the two-weapon inventory, regenerating health, linear level design and Duke’s style of humour.

Those who didn’t play are asked how they perceive the game on a 10 point scale, how much they like mature content and themes such as nudity and sexuality, their general preferences in first-person shooters and, of course, “base humour”.

It's rumoured that Gearbox will begin development on a game called Duke Begins once it has shipped Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Such a survey would suggest the developer is second-guessing its ability to resurrect again the formerly hallowed license.

As Gameplanet’s Dan Cheer suggested in his review, much of Duke’s cachet was leveraged from his tongue-in-cheek riffing on ‘90s action movie clichés, a film genre that has now largely fallen out of favour: “For the most part, it's an utterly terrible game; the digital equivalent of Frankenstein's monster dragged out of a swamp after six days in the sun. The bloated and buggy shell of a concept already well past whatever acceptable window may have existed for scat and fart jokes – presumably around the time the president of the most powerful country on earth got away with using a cigar as a sexual aid.”

You can take the Duke Nukem survey here.