Activision today released new multiplayer details for Modern Warfare 3, their direct sequel to Modern Warfare 2 currently under development by Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software.

At a gathering prior to the Call of Duty XP event, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling revealed a new killstreak and perk structure, replacing those familiar to existing franchise players.

Using this new "pointstreak" system, players will be rewarded not just for kills, but also for completing objectives. By choosing between Assault, Support and Specialist, different abilities can be gained with additional points earned, the collection of which for each class is referred to as a "strike package".

Assault players will receive rewards tailored towards combat, such as a UAV or a juggernaut suit for killing enemies as well as completing objectives. Support players will earn items such as ballistic vests, and in a substantial change for the series, these points will not expire upon death. Specialist players will gain perks for pointstreaks, and can equip up to six at a time.

Previous killstreak abilities such as One Man Army, Nukes, shotgun secondaries and the Commando and Last Stand perks will not be included in any Modern Warfare 3 strike package.

Activision utilised the press event to release further pricing details for a premium subscription to Call of Duty Elite, the statistics-based service due to launch with Modern Warfare 3. Although all single-player and multiplayer content will remain free-to-play, additional Elite services will cost USD $49.99 for 12 months.

Over and above the free statistics and matchmaking due to launch with Elite, the premium membership will allow access to level up player clans, the ability to store eight times more video content on the service, participation in competitions for prizes, access to advanced video tutorials, and free priority access to monthly downloadable content packs. Due to a partnership with Microsoft, DLC will appear first on Xbox 360.

Activision will also release premium episodic content through a dedicated Elite TV service to subscribers, with directors Ridley and Tony Scott signed on to assist with production.

Microsoft also revealed a new Modern Warfare 3 branded Xbox 360, with two controllers, a wireless headset and a 320GB harddrive.

Modern Warfare 3 is due for worldwide simultaneous release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC November 8 this year.