Rockstar has stated on its community site that it’s aware of “a few rotten apples” who are hacking and cheating while playing Red Dead Redemption online, and that they’re now “actively working on new features to counter against the isolated incidents of abuse that go on.”

The fixes will come with the next title update to Red Dead Redemption, due in August. Counter hacking and cheat detection measures will be included. Anyone caught doing so will be banned for a period determined at Rockstar’s discretion.

The update will also introduce new anti-griefing mechanics for Free Roam mode. Anyone who is being killed over and again by the same player will be able to respawn at a location of their choosing. Moreover, anyone with a six-kill streak in Free Roam will gain a “Most Wanted” flag. This status informs all other players of the Player Killer’s actions and will also dispatch NPC lawmen to hunt down the target.