SEGA has confirmed that Vanquish, their sci-fi third-person action shooter from director Shinji Mikami, will hit stores across New Zealand on October 22nd this year.

In addition to this news, customers who pre-order a copy of the game with selected stores will receive exclusive access to a three-weapon pack, available via Xbox LIVE and PSN on the same day.

The Tri-Weapon pack contains a small arsenal of experimental technology, made up of the Boost Machine Gun, Anti-Armor Pistol and Laser Cannon.

This futuristic weaponry gives players an edge in surviving the battles onboard the space station setting of Vanquish. The Boost Machine Gun is an early experimental weapon with impressive overall fire power and the speed to dispense rounds similar to that of a heavy machine gun. The Anti-Armour Pistol fires a special penetrative shell and was manufactured to tackle hostile forces with much stronger armour. Finally, the Laser Cannon is a miniaturised space warship laser and is more powerful than any other weapon available for infantry.

For more information about Vanquish, visit the official site.