Robert Bowling has detailed the five maps to be released in the next Modern Warfare 2 downloadable content pack.

The “Resurgence Pack” will be composed of three new maps and two remakes. It’s due for release here on the 4th of June and, like the “Stimulus Package,” will weigh in at 1,200 Microsoft Points.

The first map Bowling detailed in the Major Nelson podcast was Carnival. It’s an abandoned amusement park that includes a fun house, a roller coaster, the “world of tomorrow”, a castle and bumper cars.

Bowling enthused, “It's just an awesome place to fight in. When you're taking fire from a giant clown mouth it's just awesome.”

He also took a moment to say that the map has been a work in progress since Modern Warfare 2’s release in November. Carnival is a new map.

The second “is a good old American trailer park.” Bowling described it as a maze of “super-tight” corridors with numerous abandoned trailers to occupy.

The final new map is Fuel, set in an oil refinery. The level is divided in half, the open oil pump, something of a “sniper haven” says Bowling, and the Warehouse, which will contain the objectives.

The two remakes are Call of Duty 4 maps Vacant and Strike.