Bizarre Creation’s Gareth Wilson has said that the beta for their arcade-kart-racer Blur will be available for anyone with an Xbox LIVE account to download this week.

Wilson has said the open beta is the product of public demand for the title. “We basically ran out of codes, so next week we are going to go live with the whole thing publicly so anyone can download it," he said.

Wilson has also explained that the beta is only available on Xbox 360: “Why didn't it come to the PS3? Really because when we were doing the beta it's hard enough to try and get a beta out that doesn't crash every five minutes while trying to finish a full game.

“Trying to do that on multiple platforms at once, so trying to do a PS3, Xbox and PC beta release at the same time, it just isn't possible. It was enough of a distraction doing it for one platform. We just chose Xbox really because it's the platform that, to be straight, has more online users than the PS3,” he said.

You can find Gameplanet’s Hands On with Blur here. The chaps also discussed the Blur beta in this week’s Telefrag.