Accompanying the retail release of Dante’s Inferno is a trailer for the game’s upcoming downloadable content pack, The Trials of Saint Lucia.

Available on the 29th of April, the pack adds a new character, online co-operative play and player-created trials.

In the game, Dante must pass a series of trials – gameplay challenges similar to set-piece achievements – before advancing into the blackest depths of Hell. With the DLC, players will be able to create their own versions of these and upload them to a community site where they’ll be ranked.

As yet, there is no price attached to the DLC.

In other Dante’s Inferno news, EA are making a final marketing push for the game during the US’ biggest television event of the year, the Super Bowl.

Broadcaster CBS has requested that the ad be censored, not for nudity or graphic violence – two things the game has in spades – but for its tagline, “Go to Hell”. Instead, the Super Bowl ad, which is undoubtedly costing EA millions, will run with the tagline “Hell Awaits”.

The marketing of Dante’s Inferno has previously been met with widespread cynicism.