The first of the highly anticipated downloadable content packs for Assassin’s Creed II, the Battle of Forli, will become available on Thursday for USD$4 on the PlayStation Network, or 320 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.

The Battle of Forli will see Ezio both thwarting a Templar plot to secure a Piece of Eden and coming to the aid of Caterina Sforza and Niccolo Machiavelli as they defend the city from the Orsi brothers. In the process, Ezio will take another spin on Da Vinci’s flying machine.

Following Forli in February, players will be able to download the Bonfire of the Vanities, which sees Ezio in a new section of Florence, now under the tyrannical yoke of the monk Saconarola. Using a new move, the spring-jump, Ezio will assist Machiavelli in liberating the city in ten new sequences.

Both pieces of DLC take place within the two years of “corrupted” DNA, sequences 12 and 13, years that were originally intended to be a part of the full release.

Last week, Ubisoft announced a stand-alone sequel in the Assassin’s Creed series, which will feature online multiplayer.