Bungie has revealed Halo: Reach’s new engine to magazine Game Informer. According to the article, the new engine has taken advantage of motion capture to make transitions from walking, running and sprinting more natural – in addition to improving pivoting and crouching. The game also features a new weather engine, making the sky an asset that ships can ascend into and descend from, rather than a lofty painted ceiling.

Reach also features a new dynamic lighting system and can now handle 20 to 40 light sources on the screen, reports Eurogamer. It’s a far cry from Halo 3’s four dynamic light sources. Furthermore, Reach can handle twice as many units on-screen simultaneously as its predecessor and promises a larger draw range.

Bungie has also brought gameplay in line with the original Halo, as Reach is a prequel to the blockbuster series. The sniper rifle, the assault rifle and the magnum pistol all make a return to the game and both flame and spike grenades have been removed. The Spartans’ health bars appear when their shields are drained and they must use health packs to heal themselves. Covenant swords, needlers and plasma pistols are also back. Halo 3’s power-ups have been replaced with armour abilities such as sprint and camouflage that can be activated interchangeably.

Two new weapons were also shown: the designated marksman’s rifle and the covenant needler rifle. The first is a one-shot twitch shooter, effective at long and short range; the latter accumulates three hits before exploding on the target.

In Halo: Reach, players take control of Noble 6, one of Noble Team – a six soldier squad of Spartans. Halo: Reach is due to be released in autumn on the Xbox 360.

Thanks to Eurogamer.