DICE today announced a Limited Edition of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, due here on the 5th of March. The Limited Edition features six unique unlocks that will give players an early advantage over buyers of the standard edition – four vehicle upgrades and two “classic” Battlefield 1943 weapons.

The full list of unlocks are:

  • Improved Vehicle Armor: An up-armor package is mounted on all vehicle types, decreasing the effect of both explosive and penetrating warheads, significantly improving vehicle survivability.
  • Supreme Vehicle Firepower: Additional weapon packages are mounted for the driver of all armored vehicles, greatly expanding the range of targets the vehicle can successfully engage and destroy.
  • Vehicle Motion Sensor: Use this electronics warfare package to locate enemy units in direct proximity to the vehicle.
  • Tracer Dart Pistol: This magnetic dart attaches to any vehicle surface, allowing squad members to track, lock on, and fire rockets onto moving targets even beyond line of sight.
  • M1A1 Submachine Gun: Reliable but heavy this classic weapon is a powerful force in the hands of any Battlefield veteran.
  • M1911 Pistol: Highly customized M1911 are favoured for its dependability and the power of its large .45 calibre round.