Crystal Dynamics' 2013 Tomb Raider reboot has now sold more than 8.5 million copies, making it the most popular game the blockbuster franchise has ever produced.

The total number of units sold includes last year's Definitive Edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Crystal Dynamics added that Tomb Raider also broke first day and first month sales records for the series.

Tomb Raider ignited and expanded the fan base, pushing the series to a new level,” Crystal Dynamics studio head Darrell Gallagher said in a statement. “The game’s incredible sales success reflects the passionate response of players.”

At its release, Tomb Raider sold 3.4 million copies. It failed to hit its sales targets in the US and Europe and was a factor in the "extraordinary loses" reported by Square Enix in the 2013 financial year.

At E3 last year, Square Enix announced Rise of the Tomb Raider, a sequel to the 2013 reboot. In it, Lara Croft will travel to Siberia and beyond to discover the lost secrets of immortality.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive to Xbox One and Xbox 360.