The latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online adds a Mental State mechanic that highlights violent players and groups them together when matchmaking.

The game's High Life update (update 1.13) adds the stat, which keeps track of player behaviour and shows those who seem to enjoy attacking pedestrians and terrorising other players as a red blip on the radar. The redder the blip, the more dangerous the player.

Killing another player will turn your blip red faster than blowing up a car or taking out a random pedestrian, and killing a player with a white blip will push your Mental State into the red faster than killing more psycho players, said Rockstar.

Meanwhile, taking out full-on psycho players won’t cause your own Mental State stat to increase at all.

Mental state also factors into matchmaking – you’ll automatically join Freemode sessions containing people more ‘compatible’ with your play style.

“If a red-blipped lunatic does enter your session, you at least have fair warning,” said Rockstar.

The High Life also adds the following to the game:

  • The ability to own two properties at any one time
  • Five opulent new apartments
  • Three new cars and a new motorcycle: the Enus Huntley S (SUV), Dewbauchee Massacro (Sports), Pegassi Zentorno (Super), and Dinka Thrust (Motorcycle). These vehicles can also be accessed from any garage in Story Mode.
  • The powerful Bullpup Rifle
  • Eight new Contact missions
  • Non-Contact Races: other racers appear as semi-transparent and collisions are disabled
  • Friend Spectate: spectate through the Friends menu
  • New player toasts and celebrations: switch out your salute for jazz hands, a face palm, a slow clap and more, as well as paired toasts for celebrating with a friend
  • New clothing: an array of classy new suit sets available with a pret-a-porter jacket, trousers, suit vest and shoes
  • 10 additional vehicles from Story Mode: Bravado Banshee Topless
    Inverto Coquette Topless, Vapid Dominator Ocelot F620, Schyster Fusilade, Maibatsu Penumbra, Ubermacht Sentinel XS, Ubermacht Sentinel (Convertible), Grotti Stinger Topless, Coil Voltic Topless

The High Life update also contains a slew of bug fixes and tweaks, the full list of which is available on the game’s support site.

To download The High Life, fire up your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, start GTAV and download the automatic update (1.13) when prompted. Xbox 360 players will also be required to download an additional compatibility pack upon entering GTA Online.

Rockstar also mentioned that details on a High Life Weekend Social Club Event starting this Friday will be up on the Rockstar NewsWire this week.