The daughter of a Mafia underboss who became a federal witness is suing Rockstar Games for US$40 million.

A former star of the VH1 reality TV series 'Mob Wives', Karen Gravano alleged the developer used her story and her likeness without permission for Grand Theft Auto V's "Burial" random encounter.

In the game, players can come across Antonia Bottino, daughter of Sonny Bottino, a former Mafia capo who became a federal informant against the Gambetti crime family. The player rescues Antonia from being buried alive. She later adds that her father forbade her from taking part in a TV show called 'Wise Bitches'.

In the real world, Gravano's father, Sammy Gravano, also became a state witness against the Gambino crime family as part of a plea bargain.

"Notwithstanding the fact that plaintiff has the utmost respect for the writers and creators of the Grand Theft Auto V video game…her story is unique and is hers to tell," reads the lawsuit, filed with the Manhattan Supreme Court.

Gravano seeks US$20 million in compensation, and US$20 million in punitive damages.