Numerous references to a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V have been found in a bug log that was apparently leaked from Rockstar.

As reported by PC World, the log details the issues within hundreds of GTA V builds tested between April 2009 and August 2013, with reference to a "PC version" occurring as early as June 2012.

The 150-page document contains more than 170 references to PC development bugs, including notes regarding DX11 support, 64-bit system testing, and a “lastgen” version of the game.

It also features the dates of every major control system overhaul, internal deadlines, references to Rockstar’s management systems, and notes from Rockstar developers like programmer Robert Schmitz and senior level designer Kenneth Ross.

The bug log was leaked via an XML file on September 23, and has made the rounds of on the GTA forums and other fan sites since. PC World has a few screenshots.

There are also rumours of a March release date for GTA V on PC.

Earlier this month, a Brazilian digital retailer executive said an enhanced version of the game would launch on PC on March 12.

“I see no problem talking,” said Nuveem executive Thiago Diniz. “I think until now been confirmed. Is scheduled for March on PC, if I’m not mistaken, for the twelfth.”

It’s worth noting that so far, every big entry in the GTA series has made it to PC.