Tomb Raider has finally achieved profitability for Square Enix, says executive producer Scot Amos.

The critically successful reboot sold 3.4 million copies in the four weeks following its release in February, 2013, far short of the five to six million Square Enix had projected.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Amos said that "by the end of last year - Tomb Raider is in the black.”

“We've crossed the line of profitability for the last-gen and PC versions."

Tomb Raider’s inability to reach its high sales target contributed to “extraordinary losses” for the Square Enix that resulted in the resignation of the publisher’s president, Yoichi Wada.

In December, Square Enix announced Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Crystal Dynamics announced Tomb Raider: Definitive Version at the VGX Awards with a trailer that claims the game has been “rebuilt” and “remade” for those consoles.

It has a North American release date of January 28.

Crystal Dynamics’ senior art director Brian Horton also “announced” a sequel to the reboot and described it as “well financed.

Speaking at the UK’s Bradford Animation Festival, and responding to audience questions, Horton said, “We’ve announced the sequel. I’m glad I can finally talk about it! The Tomb Raider sequel is the next chapter of [Lara’s] development - her life is changing. She can’t go back to the way she was.”