The second part of BioShock Infinite’s Burial at Sea DLC will be more of a survival-horror experience, says Ken Levine.

Levine told Destructoid that was a result of Elizabeth’s play style varying dramatically from Booker’s.

"It's probably even more resource management intensive and stealth oriented,” he said.

“Elizabeth is a different person, she's not a ‘guns blazing’ person.

"Without going into too much detail, it's the world through her eyes.

“Each game (BioShock Infinite, Burial at Sea: Episode 1) are bespoke experiences, we're working on game experience stuff that varies from each of them."

“It’s just playing in that world, you know, the Rapture you’d never really seen before, and watching Booker and Elizabeth use their wits to solve a problem and just soak in the atmosphere,” said Levine at the time.

Burial at Sea would be an exploration of the effects the events of Infinite had on Elizabeth, said Levine.

“It's really about taking Elizabeth from the woman you met in the tower [in Infinite], this naive person, to the person at the end of Infinite who's gone through some terrible things, to this femme fatale – opaque, cold – and then going inside and seeing what caused all of that.

"When you get to the end of this, where does that leave her and what does this experience do to her?

“We basically want to show you the world from her perspective… that's a journey that you can complete only when you step into her shoes."

The first episode of Burial At Sea is expected later this year.