Rockstar suggests that for optimal performance, Xbox 360 owners should not install the second disc of Grand Theft Auto V on to their system.

On Xbox 360 the game comes on two discs: a mandatory "install" disc and a "play" disc, both of which are around 8GB.

In a tweet, Rockstar advised against installing the “play” disc, and said that it would have more information at launch. Its support site is yet to be updated.

However, Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry has offered an explanation for Rockstar's recommendation: installing the second disc impacts the game's ability to stream texture data, resulting in regular pop-in of in-game objects and textures.

According to Digital Foundry, optimal streaming is achieved by making use of all the available bandwidth in the system – that is, running in data from both the disc and the hard drive simultaneously.

“Based on what we're seeing on the Xbox 360 version, perhaps running both DVD and HDD assets from just the one source slows down access times, impacting streaming performance,” it said.

However, Digital Foundry did discover that installing the “play” disc to a USB stick eradicated these issues.

Grand Theft Auto V isn’t available digitally on Xbox 360, but it is on PlayStation 3, so it will be interesting to see if the pop-in issues are present there.