Irrational has released the first piece of BioShock Infinite downloadable content today, and outlined plans for a further two story-based packs.

Clash in the Clouds costs US$5 (local pricing TBA) or 400 Microsoft Points, and is an arena shooter that pits Booker and Elizabeth against waves of 15 enemies within the floating city of Columbia. By playing the DLC, players will unlock bonus information about the BioShock universe.

Next, two pieces of downloadable content will take players back to Rapture, cast Booker as a private investigator and Elizabeth as a woman who needs his help.

Called Burial At Sea, the downloadable content takes place on New Year’s Eve 1958, the moment Rapture began to fall into chaos. Irrational said Burial At Sea will include new areas of Rapture to explore, and that in part two, players will be able to play as Elizabeth.

Burial At Sea is anticipated for release later this year.

BioShock Infinite won universal acclaim upon its release earlier this year.

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea trailer:
BioShock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds trailer: