Borderlands 2 is getting a new vault hunter character, a level cap increase, and its biggest story DLC yet, Gearbox has announced.

The new character, Krieg, will be delivered via DLC, and is an experimental Psycho Bandit who has escaped his captors.

He is a strong melee character, with a high-risk high-reward play style.

His skill tree includes Bloodlust, which rewards combo kills with his Buzz Axe; Mania, which increases his action skill recharge rate the more damage he takes; and Hellborn, which increases fire damage when Kreig himself is aflame.

The Psycho Pack is coming in May for 800 Microsoft Points. Prices for other platforms are still to be confirmed.

Another DLC pack – the Ultimate Vault Hunters Pack – will increase the game’s level cap to 61 and add a new Pearlescent rarity tier for weapons.

It will be available from April 2, and is free for Season Pass owners.

Meanwhile, a free update to the game that is also due on April 2 adds something called the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, which can only be accessed beyond level 49.

Finally, Gearbox teased a fourth batch of campaign DLC, which is due out in late June and is apparently the biggest yet.