Resident Evil influenced Gears of War, but then the reverse happened to the detriment of Capcom’s zombie franchise, says former Epic designer Cliff Bleszinski.

In a massive interview with Venturebeat, Bleszinski was giving his opinions on a number of modern shooters, when the topic of Resident Evil came up.

“It felt like there was this point where Resident Evil 4 influenced Gears of War, and then Gears of War influenced Resident Evil too much,” he said.

“I don’t want to run from too many explosions in my Resident Evil, you know? I want to run from zombies. Put more of the Walking Dead type of experience into a Resident Evil.”

“The stupid little Slender Man game was a thousand times scarier than anything I saw in the four hours that I’ve played so far of RE 6.”

That wasn’t the first time Bleszinski has had a jab at Capcom’s long-running franchise.

Last year, the Gears of War developer joked that he could help the Japanese publisher fix the Resident Evil series.

In the interview, Bleszinski also discussed BioShock, which had an unexpected effect on Gears of War 2.

“The setting was a little oppressive for me, as much as I love it,” he said.

“I have this whole underground theory. I’ve thought back on Gears 2. You worked underground in the Locust lair for too long.

“That’s why we cut out the section of DLC that later appeared, where it was more underground.

“When you’re playing a game, psychologically, being underground … it wears you down.”