Treyarch is giving Black Ops 2 a big eSports push with the inclusion of broadcast tools in the game.

Design director David Vonderhaar said that eSports were a major initiative for the studio.

Spectators would have the ability to stream gameplay as well as SHOUTcast (“CODcast”) on all versions of the game, he announced.

Up to two players could commentate a live match or add commentary to game replays via the game’s theatre mode.

CODcasters would be given the ability view gameplay from different views, including first-person and third-person views, as well as a full-screen overhead map view.

A listen-in mode would give commentators the option of listening in to player chat.

“Players get emotional and strategise. You get right in there with the players, hear what they're hearing, feel what they're feeling, and learn their strategies," said Vonderhaar.

To prevent cheating, live streams of multiplayer matches would be delayed a few seconds.

These streams would be viewable through any device with a web browser.

"Call of Duty is about competition— it's a sport" said Treyarch studio boss Mark Lamia.

"Black Ops 2 has architected the framework for players to thrive at any level, and we have provided integrated tools to bring eSports to the masses.”