There was a reason Sam Fisher was more Serious Sam than Agent 47 at E3, says Ubisoft.

According to Splinter Cell: Blacklist game director Patrick Redding, the developers went all-out action with the game’s promotion so – ironically – it wouldn’t get lost among all the other bombastic titles on display at E3.

“I think the important thing to remember about E3 is you’re always out to make a splash, to make your mark, to make sure everybody sees you in the backdrop of the other games which are out there,” he said.

“So we kind of needed to go with something that was a little bit different and explosive, and maybe even a little controversial in terms of the franchise.”

The promotional footage for Blacklist showed series protagonist Sam Fisher often taking the least stealthy approach to dispatching enemies, running and gunning out in the open in broad daylight.

“That was something we set out to do, because frankly, we needed to start that dialogue by reaching out to those who maybe have never played Splinter Cell and needed to at least notice us,” said Redding, who apparently isn’t familiar with distinguishing a game by emphasising its key differences over competing franchises.

He did promise to make things right with the franchise’s fans, however.

“We know that we’re going to have to have the conversation with more established fans and fans who stealth play… we’ll be doing just that in the coming months.”

The game will release in spring 2013 on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and possibly Wii U.