Slant Six has let go over a quarter of its workforce, despite Capcom claiming that Operation Raccoon City was “a big success”.

The Vancouver-based Slant Six has offered 26 employees the choice between a severance package or a “temporary” layoff while the studio sought additional projects.

Those temporarily laid off would be able to collect employment insurance and retain their extended benefits from Slant Six for 13 weeks. Should the studio have been unable to hire them back in that time, they would be permanently laid off.

"Regretfully, we can confirm that there have been some temporary layoffs at our studio," the company's official statement read.

"We must stress that these are temporary layoffs, which means we are working very hard on new business prospects so we can reinstate every single person affected. As an independent and close-knit studio it is a very difficult but necessary business measure due to the current project cycle demands."

A Slant Six representative said most of the 26 affected employees chose to accept the temporarily layoff, and the company's remaining 70 staffers are continuing to work on its two current projects – an unnamed collaboration with a major publisher, and Slant Six's first self-published title, Strata Scavenger.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City sold 1.8 million units worldwide.