505 Games has announced that players will be able to take on the role of Naughty Bear again this year when Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise is launched on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network.

The follow up to 2010's Naughty Bear will be developed by Behaviour Interactive, and will feature the eponymous Naughty Bear who is once again shunned and outcast by the inhabitants of Perfection Island.

Having somehow escaped the murderous rampage from the previous title, they've departed for the luxury holiday destination of Paradise Island but haven't invited Naughty Bear along. This will likely prove to be a fatal decision for many of the bears concerned.

Published by 505 Games, Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise will feature a completely overhauled combat system, new levelling up system, equipment customisation and over 30 missions set across 11 distinct areas of Paradise Island.

“Following the success of our first outing with Naughty Bear, we really wanted to push the limits and give players a lot more freedom to be as naughty as they can and help Naughty Bear get revenge on the other bears who have been so mean to him” said Victoria Reeve, Senior Global Brand Manager, 505 Games.

Gameplanet's Dan Cheer scored Naughty Bear 4/10, condemning the "simple levels, painful combat, awful narration, weak multiplayer, constant repetition, framerate issues and nausea-inducing camera" and suggested that the title "...can be used as a barometer for any parents who suspect their children might actually be psychopathic."