A series of Mass Effect-themed hoodie designs by DeviantArt user Christine Schott are to be manufactured by BioWare.

Schott said she was being compensated for her work.

“My hoodies are nowhere near the final product – after all I'm no true designer and haven't got the slightest idea what looks good on clothing and what doesn’t. I just conceptualised the idea.

"[BioWare] will be redesigning the hoodies, and will sell a few as a trial run, and if it goes well more hoodies will be added,” read a largely punctuation-free post on her DeviantArt page.

“I know some say these are too geeky, but I can happily state I am a proud gamer and I am not afraid to run around with armour printed on fabric.”

Even without the BioWare endorsement, Schott considered her project a success.

“It was all about making fun character hoodies that made me feel like my favourite Mass Effect character and all their memories were with me.”