A GTAForums user has posted what he claims is a partial list of GTA V vehicles, found in the source code of Max Payne 3.

The list, which includes 48 cars, five bikes, 10 helicopters, one plane, 25 boats and nine trains, contains many familiar names, as well as some tantalising new additions.

Rockstar is known to share engine technology across projects, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the list is legitimate.

The full list is as follows:

APC, Bobsleigh, Benson, Biff, Bobcat, Boxville, Buccaneer, Burrito, Brzbus, Casco, Cadge, Car_Brzhatchplc, Car_Brzsedanplc, Car_Brzhatchjnk, Car_Brzsedanjnk, Carga, Cavalcade, Cognoscenti, CS2000, Chavos, Dukes, Dune, Feroci, Forklift, Futo, Furzen, FXT, Gant, Hauler, Minivan, Infernus, Patriot, Phantom, Prairie, Police, Rancher, Rhino, Schafter, Seinove, Skimobile, Taxi, Vanpony, Willard, Winky, Trash, Railmu, Flatty, Snowplough.

Enduro, JZ125, Z75, Faggio2, Spike.

Autogiro, BChopper, Annihilator, Bentham, Maverick, Hind, Napalm, Scamp, Heli_VCPF, Heli_TFE.


Squalo, Bassboy, Chika, Fisher, Fishboat_A, Fishboat_B, Fishboat_C, Fishboat_D, Marquis, Reefer, Tropic, Gunboat, Sabs_Boat, Small_GB2, Dinghy, P_Mi_Botfsh, Whaler, Woody, Woody2, Sporto, Tinny, Tug, Contbo, Smug, Edsboat.

Cablecar, Chairlift, Subway_Lo, Subway_Hi, Train_Carg, Trainf_Carg, Trainr_Carg, Train_Int, Lighty.