A stand-alone Hitman mini-game will be available to play on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 by those who pre-order Square Enix’s Hitman: Absolution from May 16.

A Windows PC version of the mini-game will be available through Steam from August 2.

Titled Hitman: Sniper Challenge, the game puts players in control of Agent 47 as he attempts to eliminate a high-value asset from a balcony overlooking a rooftop party. Despite sharing a protagonist, the game has no influence on the events in Hitman: Absolution beyond unlocking the Kazo TRG sniper rifle and some upgrades.

An online leader board will allow players to compare sniping abilities, and additional challenges will be announced at the game’s official site.

A pre-order also nets Australian and New Zealand players a limited edition version of Hitman: Absolution at launch. This version of the game gives access to a range of in-game weapons such as the Jagd P22G pistol, HX UMP SMG and the SPS 12 semi-automatic shotgun.

“Hitman: Sniper Challenge is a way of thanking customers and giving them a taste of Agent 47’s skills from the moment they pre-order the game,” said Jon Brooke, Hitman Brand Director.

Hitman: Absolution is scheduled for global release on November 20th 2012 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC.